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Water features

Over the last twenty five years we have built waterfalls, over twenty feet high, fountains galore, flooded large marquees and venues with lakes of almost 200,000 gallons and coped with requests for everything from Japanese Zen gardens to bubble tubes.

Here is just a small sample of some jobs. Please ask for a specific quotation.


we flooded a 50mx50m marquee with 186,000 gallons of water to build this Tropical beach scene. To complete the effect we added waterfalls, live free-flying parrots, let piglets loose in the undergrowth and gave every guest an envelope containing a butterfly to release !!

Here are two more shots of the same job


Deboer Deck

Exhibition water feature

We flooded this Ha-ha and built two bridges. Then mirrored trellis at either end extended the virtual length

A waterfall off the Grosvenor House balcony !

Grosvenor House waterfall Grand Hotel waterfall

Two waterfalls in two prestigeous hotels-Grosvenor House, London and The Grand in Brighton

and finally a technically difficult brief. Drop water 3m without splashing the £180,000 car! to create a hazy screen behind it.

So we did.

Aston Martin

Another special to draw attention to the sponsors logo We have lots of fountains and pumps inc.Japanese bamboo water pieces