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Atlantis themd party-
here's one we did in a double decker marquee

boarding fro Atlantis !

our bar featured a diver in a conning tower

conning tower leading to atlantis

Then tables were themed-some as underwater artifacts

Atlantis setting for dining

We do not have specific backdrops for this theme but a whole load of props.

  • Submarine interior walls- we have over 130 metres !!
  • Painted Atlantis style columns and half columns-Column
  • Small column plinths-plinths
  • oversize fish including helium filled and radio-controlled ones. Great for Shark racing games!!
  • jellyfish including helium filled and radio controlled ones. Great for Jellyfish racing games!!
  • mermaid
  • using our mock flame units we make superb moving seaweed clumps
  • a double ended walk through fibreglasscavewhich can be split into two separate cave entrances
  • A ships bell
  • A deep sea diver with brass helmet
  • Two treasure chests-with treasure
  • two large clam shell each 2' across
  • real and fake shellfishe.g.Lobster
  • nets nets and crabpots
  • rocks decorated with coral/shellfish and seaweed
  • For an Atlantis themed party click Atlantis themed party