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French cafe street scene

French can-can party

NB due to legal challenges by the real Moulin Rouge in Paris, you are advised NOT to style your event with the phrase Moulin Rouge or the laywers for the Moulin Rouge will hunt you down! Spoilsports!

Create a gaudily lit entrance, just like the parade of venues in that area using our French cafe backdrop pieces and lots of light bulbs. Guests walk through a metro entrance into a Parisian street from where the theatre entrance is visible through the trees. In this 'street', created by using the following (clickthe green highlights to see the images)

  • our large café scene by night backdrops along one wall-see either Cafe or Cafe2
  • Some occasional table with red and white checked cloths
  • Street lamps
  • Signposts in French -see on French pages
  • centrepieces -wax encrusted winebottles, or candle-powered tablelamps or these legs ccentrepieces

Entertainment in this area would be typical French street performers-somewhat wild and wacky. With at one end a trad jazz band and the other a couple of buskers. Guests can play boules in the boule court (with plastic boules), shoot the little birdies on the sideshow stall, have their picture taken with the dancing girls in the photo booth and try wine tasting at the promotional French wine stall.. For the dining tables I would use large paper covers over the table cloths and spend a few minutes providing the waiters and waitresses with pens and encouraging them (with offers of two prizes at the evenings end) to doodle a mock running bill on one edge of the paper table cloth as they serve. Prizes to be awarded to who produces the best table cloth bill. Centrepieces have to be wine bottles dripping with layers of wax and containing a new candle.

The stage set would be a large green windmill all lit up set in front of black cloth. On the stage would be the half shell footlights so typical of early theatres. When it is time for the show to start (after the first course ?) the house lights would change and the windmill would start to slowly revolve as on comes the first act. Dancing show girls with their dance/costume No.1. A house band would play next thoughout to coffee when a comedian (quality) comes on for 20 mins. Followed by a more risqué dance/costume from the girls. The show then winds up a notch with faster music from the house band and this leads into the final risqué number which culiminates in a pyrotechnic display on the Eiffel Tower as the girls' reveal' all as the stage is plunged into darkness. If the client then wants dancing- a disco immediately kicks in.

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