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Boogie Nights

boogie nights entrance

The entrance feature had the title "Boogie Nights" in lights above a pair of John Travolta cut -outs with hands outstretched to 'hold up' the light sign. Inside reception is a homage to stars of the genre. Using chasing light edged cut-outs of the words "Disco", "ABBA", "Boogie", "Get Down","Move on up" and "Inferno". The first one formed a part of the entrance into dinner/disco and had two disco divas hold this one up. The stage backdrop is a 6m wide starcloth with "Boogie nights" appearing in lights at the appropriate moment. Around the room were some 2 giant 1.5m high glitter boots, with chasing light bootlaces, stood on plinths covered in sequined spandex material. The dance floor surrounded by pink balustrading topped by 4 mannequins dressed as disco divas and lit by sweeping disco spotlights. On each table guest find that their table represents a different song/band or diva and that the centrepiece is a reflection of that. On each place setting are giveaways to enable the guests to add their musical accompaniment to the sounds from the disco.

Travolta entrance feature

This is an example of a table setting for Abba's Money, money, money. To see more click Music table centres

Money, money,mpney by ABBA