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Company Birthday parties

We have done many over the years. All bespoke. Here is one possible storyline

We need to build excitement during the reception as the delegates will otherwise think that they are simply going back into the same room. I would do this by creating a false entrance decorated and designed to look like a giant wrapped present. This can be 'opened', when it is time to go into dinner, by the MD or Chairman in a very short (photo opportunity) ceremony. Guests would be entertained by roving magicians and balloon modellers. The room itself needs to be transformed with lighting firstly. I suggest having four rotating mirror balls (pre-rigged) and several spotlights trained on each so that, when the room lights are dimmed, the whole place sparkles. This could be added to by having starcloth walls (again pre-rigged and unlit until the evening). Which would be transformed further by having red and white curtain style drops placed in front at strategic intervals to create a look of the night sky through windows. The challenges of the conference set being in place can give us an advantage if we work with the set builders to create a simple add on to change the look. I propose that we turn this into a giant red and white 'icing' look birthday cake complete with oversize candles. You will see from the attached pictures that we have done this before. If we can replace one of the screens with a translucent paper version so that, at a suitable moment, the 'dog' can burst through. E.g. cartoon dog runs towards the audience on the screen and leaps to fill the whole screen just as the dog bursts through. Each table should be suitably dressed. I would like to suggest, if the budgets will stretch, white chair covers with red tie back bows. (NB the catering staff would need to assist in putting these on as they are time consuming to do ) White table cloths with a central cluster of five red balloons. These would need to get higher as they get nearer the stage to avoid loss of sight lines. On the tables would be birthday glitter, party poppers, 3 menu cards and red napkins. A party gift bag could either be on each chair or brought to the tables with coffee. Suitable entertainment Table magicians (we use some excellent ones) The drunken waiters The three tenors- to sing Happy Birthday as well as do their amusing operatic routine

The 'present' doorway

The cake !

Another cake effect around a balcony

A giant cake backdrop 20' x 10'with giant candles on top

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