We have a large collection of British pub props suitable for creating any pub scene

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We have a large collection of British pub themed props available to create any look. Dry hire or use our 30+years of designing to help you with a design, delivery and installation. Generic British props can be found in the British section
Pub backdrops are also available as well as a wide range of performers to bring your event to life


British pub bar



bar piece
circular bar
pub walling
modular bar sections 1400mm-5 straight  and 2  curves available
sectional bar in the round
Mock wood panelling-style 1
 linen fold wall panels

  pub furniture
 beer pulls
Linenfold wood panelling
low pub stools and tables
double and triple beer pulls
poseur table barrels
poseur table
Travellers rest pub sign
1.1m high barrels as poseur tables-10 av.
poseur tables with or without covers
Travellers rest pub sign 750mm
hanging guinness sign
kilkenny sign
oak barrels
Hanging illuminated guinness sign
kilkenny sign
oak whisky barrels 4'
small 2' barrels
port bar barrel
darts pub game
small 2' oak barrels
port bar barrel
Pub game -Darts
pub game-push puck
bar game bagatelle
bar billiards
Pub game-push puck
pub game-bagatelle
pub game - bar billiards
skittle alley
pub darts
Bar skittle alley
dartboards and mat
cribbage, chess, shove ha'penny, dominos
oversize champagne bottle
small games package
large wine bottle-Balthazar
large champagne bottle
Beefeater pub mirror
Captain Morgan pub mirror
Captain Nortons Rum pub mirror
pub mirror 1
Pub mirror 2
Pub mirror 3
Glenmore Whisky pub mirror
kronenbourg pub mirror
Phoenix brewery pub mirror
pub mirror 4
pub mirror 5
pub mirror 6
Southern Comfort pub mirror
Martini pub mirror
Stones Bitter pub mirror
pub mirror 7
pub mirror 8
pub mirror 9

Guinness pub mirror
Brewers map pub wall picture
Augustiner beer sign
pub mirror 10
pub wall map
Light up Augustiner beer sign
approx 600 x 300mm

Pearl beer clock
Berliner Beer sign
Bitburger beer signs
pearl lager clock
Berliner beer lit sign 2200mm x 400mm
3 No. lit Bitburger signs

Budweisser lit signs
Budweiser Neon
Coca cola lit sign
pair of lit budweiser wall signs
Budweiser Neon
Coca cola lit sign 1200mm

Coca cola sign
coca cola tin signs
cocktail neon
Coca cola lit sign 600mm
Coca cola tin signs
cocktail neon

Coca cola banner
Coca cola ice chest
Dewars Scotch Whiskey signs
Coca cola banner approx 1800 x 400
original  coca cola ice chest
Dewars Scotch painted glass signs

Edelweiss Beer tin sign
kronenbourg lit beer sign
lightbeer sign
Edelweiss tin sign
lit kronenbourg sign approx 1500 x 350mm
Natural light beer sign

lowebrau beer barrel end

Michelob wall beer signs
Lowenbrau beer barrel end advertising ca 450mm
pub mirror 8
pair Michelob wall beer signs light up

molson beer cap sign
spirit optics
Reinbrau beer sign
Molson Ice beer cap
spirit optics x 3
Reinbrau lit beer sign 600mm

Woods Navy Rum poster
Sauza tequila sign
Woods Navy rum  framed print
Sauza tequila sign
old steins-various

chalk board wine bottle signs
Amstel lit beer sign
Beer barrel end chalk sign
chalkboard wine bottle signs x2
Amstel light up beer sign 400mm
Large wine barrel end as chalk board 700mm dia.