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All the fun of the fair

A fun-filled evening in which guests eat from a variety of colourful stalls, drink at different themed bars and enjoy themselves on funfair rides and a band/disco area. Guests arrive to a heated circus big top*, the outside of which is is lit up with colourful chasing lights, has two 'sky guy' dancing figures to be met by cries of "Roll up roll up" and various street performers (jugglers, fire eaters etc). Inside is a riot of colour, light, activity and noise.

Circus entrance

Dinner takes place in the big top as artists perform overhead and around the tables.

Large fun fair rides like helter skelter, dodgems, waltzer, horse rides dominate the grounds around the tent. Around the perimeter are side show stalls like coconut shies, rifle range, pull-a string, test your strength, horoscope readers, palmists, caracaturists etc and intermingling with all this the food and drink stalls. All the usual fare plus some more modern equivalents. Eg popcorn, candy floss, toffee apples, roast chestnuts, burgers, hot dogs, stir-fries, noodle bars etc. Ample poseur tables with stools and cafe seating areas will be dotted around to allow guests to take time out to sit and enjoy the food and the spectacle. Set behind the large Ghost train ride will be the disco area. A rock and roll band will start play between sets from a dj. Clearly the potential for guests to go away with momentos of the evening as prizes won on the side show stalls is great and needs a little thought.

We can supply all the stalls and rides. Please ask for a quotation

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