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Here are several versions we have done over the years.The first for Audley Travel started with an old Victorian style station at which guests had to present their passports for the 1st stamp of the event.
old station booking office

Guests then visited -in no particular order- India, SE Asia, Africa, American Wild West but first get a drink at Mick Dundees Australian bar

Crocodile Dundees bar

Here are some scenes from the other destinations where guests played themed games to get stamps in their passports-1st Prize-worth winning-Tickets for 2 Around the World!!
Asian theme room setting

Indian themed games

African tiger shooting setting

Here is the clients Testimonial after the event

‘Working for a tailor-made travel company such as ours, our staff and guests expect us to throw enthralling and entertaining parties which appeal to adults and children alike. This year’s theme was ‘Around the World in 80 Days’ and despite us having numerous ideas, we didn’t know where to start. Enter Steve and Amazing Parties. From the first meeting, Steve was able to help us plan the event, provide all the catering and props for the 600+ guests. The whole experience was relaxed and the guys took all the stress out of the organising. Like all good party organisers, Steve came to site to draw out a plan of the event and having done thousands of parties, he was able to predict any potential pitfalls. The party went down in the Audley Travel annuls as perhaps the best yet, largely due to the experience of Steve and the team. We’re already looking forward to next year, and with working with Steve and the team once more.’
Ian Wallis-Audley Travel

and another Client testimonial-

Many thanks for all your hard work in producing a truly amazing experience for the Dine around the World theme. Everyone thought it was spectacular

Hotel Solutions

As we have some 10,000 props and around 1,000 backdrops, it is easy for us to recreate the look of any location or country you choose.

France ?


Moulin Rouge French bufet

Italy ?

Venice set

The Orient?

Chinese themed buffet

Or even Britain

British themed buffet


or where would you like?

Perhaps start with Phileas Fogg in his library with his plan

phileas timetable

Phileas Fogg

This is our big 40' wide library backdrop

phileas's fogg library

Check out individual Countries under their own name in the theme section or maybe travel by aeroplane using our giant inflatable aeroplane pieces??

inflatable aeroplane inflatable aeroplane tail section then check out our airport signage

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