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1980's theme

Here is our party storyline

Brighton West pier backdrop

Guests arrive to find a mod on a scooter on one side of the door and signpost for the attractions of Brighton on the other (there was a 60’s mod revival in the 80’s).
Inside we could do one of two things. Either 1) continue the Brighton theme and have a large backdrop of Brighton Pier as a divide wall between reception and dining and then have various things that happened around the room. e.g the ship Athena B ran aground on Brighton Beach so we could have the large bow of the ship poking into the room. There could be a mock safety demo (seat belts-clunk click every trip) and the Mini Metro and the Sinclair C5 was launched-so we could have one of these in the room.
There could be a couple of ‘A’ frame newspaper boards with headlines like TGV smashes speed record and Laker Bust, De Lorean scandal etc
The entrance into dinner could be the illuminated pier entrance and guests could find that they sit down at tables where the centrepiece is a mock sandcastle with flags.
Whilst they are having dinner, we could change the reception room into sideshow stalls. OR
2) The reception room can be dressed with storyboards/memorabilia boards with various newsworthy events and musical groups of the time. Guests would walk through an archway made up from the numbers of each year 1981, 1982 etc.
In the dining area, instead of sitting at table 1 they would sit at a table called after the group or song the table represented. E.g Spandau Ballet or Dear John(Status Quo).
Each table would be unique in that it would have a centrepiece which represented in a 3d visual way the song or group, there would be the song lyrics laminated as a place mat on each place setting and various give-aways would be either on the plate, table or chair eg Blow up guitars. When the DJ plays the song, a roving spotlight picks out the table and they have to get up and do it.
An eighties band plays after dinner.

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