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Amazing Parties,
The Forum,
277 London Rd,
Burgess Hill,
Nr Brighton.
RH15 9QU

French Office:

Larroucal, 32140
Bezues Bajon, France

1970's theme

We have backdrops e.g.

  • 2 superb lightweight disco canvases- each 20'x10' which can be joined to make 40'(Panel1) + (panel2)
  • 3 No. 8'x8' psychedelic u/v active wall hangings
  • individual pop star panels e.g. Hendrixand Jagger
  • a 20'x10' black sharkstooth gauze with painted on small stars (behind ABBA sign)
  • 4 and white optical illusion backdrops -each 3m x3m optical

Props inc.

  • John Travolta "Welcome to the 70's"walk through entrance piece and a similar one with two Disco Divas
  • Music table centres musictc
  • See also Boogie Nights
  • CD and record 5' round table tops where you can personalise the centre vinyl
  • Electric and acoustic guitars
  • Golddiscs and other pop memorabelia
  • floor cushions
  • chasing light signs eg ABBAand disco signs
  • fibreoptic, bubble tube and lava lamps
  •   2No.5'high glitter boots
  • A great walk through psychadelic mushroom entrance feature. This 3mx 3m

see also James Bond

Please ask for further details of our 70's themed parties including entertainers, musicians and discos