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1930's themed events

originally written for a car launch

art deco backdrop

Guests should arrive to a Gatsby inspired, Art Deco look. Clean rectangular lines barely smoothed on the corners and potted palms, Period furnishings and waitresses dressed in white pinnies on black. The way I would see it is as a walk-through. Guests arrive at an imposing Art Deco style entrance lit by two carved gold and silver fauz palms. Inside this they check in and hand in their cloaks at our Deco style counter set in front of simple plain walls fronted by chrome uplighters and potted palms. They then walk through into the period lounge. Here are occasional table draped first in crushed velvet and then topped by lace. Some of these have table lamps. Two chaise longues in red velvet and an internal wallpapered wall with curtained window through which can be seen a scene of an old 30's aerodrome and aeroplane. Here guests will be offered a drink and canaps by white pinaffored and white capped waitresses The cars should be set in a typical 30's street. Use one of our large theatre gauzes-see G11, 23 or 65 which shows a typical street scene and place in it some street furniture of the time.e.g. our Old bus stop, post box and red telephone box. For the dining we could recreate a typical 30's pub-we have old bars, wooden panelling and period signage or a 30's restaurant look. Depending on how you want this partitioned off or not will affect exactly how we do this. It could go twee tea rooms or upmarket Deco look.

Here are links to our Art deco items, props and backdrops


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