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Flambeaux setting in garden

Gas Flambeaux

We have several types

These are black wrought iron

These are a pair of outdoor gas powered 2.6m high +flame

Then we have four 2m high Olympic style flambeaux. Now in black for better contrast with the flames

Olympic flame 

Then a budget pair using a simple version of one of our 1.8m high bowls on three legs which can be sent cheaply by courier to connect to locally obtained bottled gaz

1.8m flambeaux

We then have 6 of these 1.8m high indoor/outdoor flambeaux with detachable 'torches'

gas flambeaux wrought iron torchierreand 10 of these.gas flambeaux 2 of these andblack wrought iron flambeaux8 of these-all of which use gel as a fuel

Garden torches

Modern stainless steel ones and traditional bamboo ones-both need ground spiking or sticking into pots

stainless steel gas flambeaux torch stainless steel gas flambeaux

gas flambeaux These are the tops of the first type of stainless steel torch. 2.1m high x 13cm dia

We have 40+ of the first, 2 of the second (aslo 2.1m high) and 80+ of the third type. Plus 40 of these which we use as table centrepieces when a fire theme is called for

Olympic style flame table centres

Fire gel burners

25 + granite bowl gel burners  These heavy black granite bowls make great table centrepieces and burn smokeless gel

fire gel burner

  • 2 cast iron fire pits or bowls(800mm dia) for warmth, bbq or just a fabulous effect in the garden kadaikadai fire bowl

If it's warmth you are after then one of our three gaz powered patio heaters might just do the trick

patio heater hire

see also our mock indoor flames where real flames are not allowed