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Catering and buffet display items

It could be said that a lot of our props can make suitable display items for buffet or centrepiece work and you will find examples all throughout the website by searching under props and then in the specific style or theme of the buffet

What we have here are items which are not theme specific

  • Chrome napkin dispensors-in cafes from the 50's onwards. These dispense napkins from the sides. We have 30 currently in stock. See next item for photo.
  • Tomato sauce and mustard bottles. Squeezy red and yellow bottles-perfect for that diner look.
  • 15" round mirrors. Great for either centrepieces or canape serving.
  • Battery operated centrepiece turntables. These plastic platters give a unique look to canapes.
  • Dough boys- large antique wooden disply dishes originally used by bakers to kneed dough. Now great for bread or fruit displays.
  • Banded strap, metal urns. The construction of these allows you to glimpse the contents inside as you pile fruit high and decoratively-see our selection in urns
  • Henry the Eighth and Anne Bolyen moving buffet tables plus we would like to make one of these