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Amazing Parties,
The Forum,
277 London Rd,
Burgess Hill,
Nr Brighton.
RH15 9QU

French Office:

Larroucal, 32140
Bezues Bajon, France

in this stock we have

  • sandbags which we make into sandbagged entrances like these. In the dark, add in the skytracker searchlights sand bagged entrance
  • sky tracker beams fake barbed wire wartime hats
    Sky tracker beams x 2 Griven Spillo fake barbed wire & camoflage netting wartime helmets
    rifles brass artillary shells old fuel cans
    mock rifles x 6 brass artillary shell vases x 12 old fuel cans x 8
    wartime signs period starch sign
    WW11 signs period metal starch sign
    jerry cans ammunition boxes oversize spam tins
    jerry cans x 3 ammunition boxes x 7 large mock spam tins x 12
    blue market cart orange market cart green market cart
    blue market cart orange market cart green market cart
    patriotic bunting Union Jack flag
    red white and blue bunting Union jacks from 5' to 8' hand waving Union Jacks
    bombed out street frontages
    gas mask
    Bombed out street scene sets gas mask
  • 6 mock machine mock machine guns
  • Old stretchers
  • Bombed-out street sections inc old shopfronts and their shop contents

  • period newspapers

link to Wartime backdrops