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Amazing Parties,
The Forum,
277 London Rd,
Burgess Hill,
Nr Brighton.
RH15 9QU

French Office:

Larroucal, 32140
Bezues Bajon, France


here we have in stock

Lenin flag Lenin flag
Lenin banner flag 5'x3' Reverse of Lenin flag
Imperial Russian Christian flag Russian Imperial Eagle flag
Russian Christian Imperial Eagle flag x 2 5'x3' Russian Imperial Eagle flag x 4  5'x3'

Dr Zhivago sleigh
Dr Zhivago sleigh-black for 2 persons
Dr Zhivago sleigh
another Dr Zhivago sleigh for 4 persons
Russian explosives barrels peasant cart
10 barrels from the film 'Tomorrow Never dies' Peasant cart
Russian army hats Russian Army shirts
Russian army hats x 6 Russian army shirts x 12
army fifles faberge eggs
rifles x 6 mock faberge eggs
fake gold bars old East German flag
80 fake gold bullion bars Old flag of East Germany 8'x5'

  • plenty of pillars and pilasters to make building frontages
  • an amazing inflatable tail end of a russian aeroplane 30' long 
  • inflatable aeroplane rear

link to Russian backdrops see also Winter Wonderland