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Amazing Parties,
2 Tye View,
Telscombe Cliffs,
Nr Brighton.
BN10 7DN

French Office:

Larroucal, 32140
Bezues Bajon, France


we have in stock

barrel cacti cacti
small barrel cacti 300mm dia tall, branched cacti to 5' and our covered wagon
sombreros saddles
Sombreros western saddle
Hurricane lamps Tilley lamps
Hurricane lamps working on T lights x 40+ Old Hurricane lamps-some working x 15+
cartwheels barrels to make a bar
Cart wheels from 2' -5' dia x 20 Barrels for bar making or poseurs x 14
sol beer sign hessian sacks
4' high sol beer sign old hessian sacks x 30+
sauza tequila sign
Sauza tequila tin sign approx 700mm

  • a 24'x24'x10' jail cage dance floor-see Bullion room
  • Old bars-see bars
  • Old carts-see carts
  • Mexican flags and bunting
  • Pinatas-which are lightweight hollow, goody-filled set pieces, hung up above the guests heads until the appropriate time when they are given sticks to bash it open and be showered in the contents.-almost any shape is possible.
  • other props which you will find listed under Western props

link to Mexican backdrops