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Medieval prop hire

We have a large collection of Medieval themed props available to create any era or look. Dry hire or use our 30+years of designing to help you with a design, delivery and installation.
Medieval backdrops are also available as well as a wide range of performers to bring your event to life


medieval tent....



link to Medieval backdrops

link to Medieval party examples

small suit of armour
large suit of armour
head armour
small 1500mm suit of armour
Large suit of armour
Head armour
 feet and arm stocks

 head and arms stocks
 red cart
feet and arm stocks
head and arms stocks
old red cart

cart wheels
tapestry style backdrop

Cart wheels from 2'-5'
40' x10' tapestry style backdrop
bar pieces
2 arm candelabra
oak barrels
Bar sections-straights and curves
2 arm candelabra
oak whisky barrels 4'
small 2' barrels
port bar barrel
small 1' and 2' oak barrels
port bar barrel
Firepits x 2
grp bells
wrought iron brazier
wrought iron gaz torches
Fibreglass large church bells 600mm
wrought iron brazier
wrought iron gaz torches
brass rubbing plates
metal shields
small decorative swords
Brass rubbing plates
a pair of metal shields
small sword/shield pieces
table candelabra
old butter churn
wrought iron 3' high candelabra 40+ available
old butter churn
cast iron cauldron
5 candle candelabra
wooden candelabra
wrought iron candelabra
5' 5 candle candelabra-pair
2' wooden candelabra-4 available
6' black wrought iron candelabra-10
Candelabra 4
flambeaux 1
flambeaux 2
candelabra 4 6' high 3 available
flambeaux1- 4 available
flambeaux 2-10 available

flambeaux 3
flambeaux 4
largest cauldron
flambeaux 3 -6' high 3 available
flambeaux 4-6' high 2 available
large cauldron 900mm high
large cauldron

Market cart blue
old market cart-orange
large cauldron
Old market cart -blue
Orange market cart
green market cart
medieval style flagpole
medieval banner
old street barrow-green
medieval 4m high flagpole
medival banner 1
triplet medieval banners
medieval banner4
medieval banner5
triplet medieval banners
medieval banner4
milk churns
medieval banner 3
medieval banner er1
medieval banner er2
large medieval banner 3
large medieval banner ER
white medieval banner ER2
medieval banner er3
medieval banner er4
medieval tents
blue medieval banner ER3
red medieval banner ER4
medieval tents
livery hall heraldic shields
livery hall heraldic shields
livery hall heraldic shields
livery hall shields
livery hall shields2
livery hall shields3
livery hall heraldic shields
livery hall heraldic shields
livery hall heraldic shields
livery hall shields 4
livery hall shields 5
livery hall heraldic shields 6
livert hall heraldic shields
livery hall shields
livery hall heraldic shields
livery hall shields 7
livery hall shields 8
livery hall shields 9
livery hall heraldic shields
livery hall shields
livery hall shields
livery hall shields 10
livery hall shields 11
livery hall shields 12
livery hall heraldic shield
Heraldic crest
royal crest
livery hall shield 13
Heraldic crest-lions passant-800mm
Heraldic crest-700mm sq
heraldic shield
heraldic crest
heraldic panel1
Heraldic shield -metal ca 400mm
Heraldic crest =large 1m
heraldic panel 6'x3'
heraldic panel 2
heraldic panel 3
heraldic panel 4
heraldic panel 2 6'x3'
heraldic panel 3 6'x3'
heraldic panel 4 6'x3'
heraldic panel5
heraldic panel 6
herladic panel 7
heraldic panel 5 6'x3'
heraldic panel 6 6'x3'
heraldic panel 7 6'x3'
heraldic panel 8
medieval swords
Elizabethan portrait
heraldic panel 8 6'x3'
Medieval swords
Elizabethan portrait
grey stone fireplace
rude fireplace
pair of throne chairs
Grey stone fireplace
rude fireplace
balustrade sections
wooden bench
wooden benches-12 available

wrought iron hanging chandelier
wrought iron chandelier

a stunning 1.8m dia 14 candle chandelier
another 1.8m dia 21 candle chandelier

For Medieval backdrops -click backdrop