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Theme Party Organisers

Amazing Parties work mainly for event party organisers and theme party organisers - being their service provider of choice.

Event and Theme Party Organiser

Our normal method is that, once the brief is fully understood, we write a bespoke storyline of what guests attending the event will experience.
This creates a scenario which all three parties to the pre-event communication-the client, the theme party organiser and ourselves are all imagining the same end result.

The storyline generates the list of what is needed to fulfill the end result producing a costed shopping list.
If this exceeds the budget, it then is easy for the end client to cross out those items with which the event can still have that Wow! factor

Where the client does not use a Theme party organiser, Amazing Parties will absorb that role.

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Image - amazing party themes: theme party organizers - tropical
Image - amazing party themes: theme party organizers - black and white