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Mad Hatters

A great party ice-breaker. Guests are provided with several different styles of basic paper hats and a bewildering variety of materials to turn any idea they might have for embellishing their hat into a fantastic creation.

It works best if the guests are set a theme-like say Paris-and then are given some key words as thought generators. Then armed with only glue guns, scissors and their imaginations, they create the hat to die for or only to been seen dead in ?

Competitiveness vies with admiration as the place is transformed into a hive of industry and guests cannot help but talk to others about what they are doing.

Here are some examples in our photo gallery called 'Here's one I made earlier'.


We can do this for any number of guests if it is done as activity throughout an event.

As a reception or conference activity, it probably is best restricted to a maximum of 250.

Costings will depend on a number of factors, please ask.