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A day at the British seaside

Here is a party storyline

Create a promenade with seaside railings, bathing huts, old fashioned stalls and attractions all set in front of our Brighton Pier backdrop. 

Brighton pier backdrop

Guests could have reception on the prom with a 'Grand Hotel' of the 1920's as one backdrop and a set of four bathing huts split by an advert for some old product like carbolic soap. If you have any acts, they could arrive by stepping out of the bathing huts.

Some of these are then signed and decorated as either food stalls or entrance booths for seaside performers e.g here as a tattoo (temporary) parlour

Dinner is on the 'beach'. Each table could either be a 5'round 'picnic'table i.e. a normal banqueting table set on shorter legs surrounded by deckchairs or if you want to stick with normal banqueting chairs then we would put a beach towel on each chair and either a blow up plastic life-ring or a beach ball. In either case there would be a stick of rock on each place setting. The table centrepiece would be a mock sandcastle, bucket and spade with flags. 

sandcastle tablecentre

The stage could be a small bandstand with a mock pair of speaker horns on which the disco could perform. Lighting should be on the cheap-coloured festoon lighting.

After dinner guests go on the pier and play the sideshow stalls

pier entrance

seaside stalls

or have your picture taken in one of our several Aunt Sally's- poke your head through portraits

 douglas gill style aunt sallysailor aunt sally

John and Sandy.............................Douglas Gill style..............Sailors

Simple !

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