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Amazing Parties,
2 Tye View,
Telscombe Cliffs,
Nr Brighton.
BN10 7DN

French Office:

Larroucal, 32140
Bezues Bajon, France


in stock are

  • 4 No. 20'x11' canvases of sea
  • sea and sky backdrop
  • a canvas 10'x8' view between palm trees out to sea
  • Tropical sea view between palms
  • 3 No.20'x10' canvases which join together to make 60'x10'. Tropical beach edge with island.
  • tropical beach lefttropical beach middletropical beach right
  • a gauze 19mx6m sunset over atoll G33
  • Tropical sunset backdrop
a narrow strip backdrop in two pieces 1.2m high x 6m wide
tropical backdrops

tropical parrot backdrop
a 16'x5' canvas of colourful tropical parrots
  • a gauze 8m x4.6m tropical treetops and sky G44


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