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Amazing Parties,
2 Tye View,
Telscombe Cliffs,
Nr Brighton.
BN10 7DN

French Office:

Larroucal, 32140
Bezues Bajon, France


in stock we have

  • starcloth in 6m x 3m and 3m x3m and 12.5x 4.5m. These can be altered to have coloured or white 'stars'.
  • an 80m run of spaceship interior inc. 2 No. control panels with illuminated dials, strobe lit mesh columns and viewing portholes.
  • a gauze 25m x9m Alien sky G34
  • alien sky
  • volcanic eruption gauzes which look like nebula or exploding stars 3mx4.35, 4mx4.35 and 12mx6m G101b
  • 6 No. Stars on black sharkstooth gauzes 30mx4.6m, 4/5 and 5m x.6.2m and 2 No. 10m x 7.2m G26 ,G22a ,G27a ,G27b
  • We also have a large number of spandex/lycra shapes which are ideal foils for projection and lighting effects Sails

The four lightweight backdrops

1st a 6m x 3m deathstar and Millenium fighters


The 3x 3m x2.4m backdrops with a starwars theme

Jedi warriors backdrop

stormtroopers in spaceship

Then a couple of dozen or so small hand-painted backdrops on black-great for view through spaceship windows

see this page

small space backdrops

link to Space props

link to a Space theme party idea